Our activities

Data is changing the world and has become a powerful tool for any modern company. To help you harness this potential, nam.R has created an innovative data platform that produces enriched data accelerating your business success in this fast paced world.

Continuously collected from multiple sources including websites, social media, public databases and proprietary datasets, our data is analyzed, classified, tagged and stored in our data library. Now that it has been filtered and geolocalized, this non-personal data is fully operational.

These data library collections are enriched on demand using Artificial Intelligence to build brand new datasets using real data. The enriched data is available to you via our data platform, which is an unprecedented source of information adapted to needs of any company. With this data, you can:

  • enrich your internal data to boost your performance
  • discover what your company data cannot reveal on its own

Our approach

Our overall data approach is driven by the following principles

Non-personal data

nam.R only focuses on non-personal data relating to objects, private and public players, and events. All our data fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation

Comprehensive, harmonized data

nam.R systematically produces harmonized data, for the entire country in question. This data is comprehensive, easy-to-use and available whenever needed.

One-stop Data Shop

Connected to open data platforms, data brokers and marketplaces, we’re constantly aware of all non-personal data available. This comprehensive overview helps us accelerate and optimize your data projects.

Our products

Our local data tames the territory

Sectoral Data Packages

nam.R develops customized data packages for different sectors, that are updated on a continual basis. These packages are built by our industry experts and then adjusted to your needs, so you can innovate and rise to new challenges. Our data platform provides solutions for a wide range of sectors including:

Energy efficiency

Insurance and banking

Expansion of renewables

Waste management


Supply chain

Sustainable cities

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Startup Studio – The Service Factory

We want to use our unique data approach expertise to develop fresh ideas. Whether you’re a student, perspective founder or large corporation, together, we can turn ideas into innovative services.

How does the Service Factory work?

We provide

Benefit from office space and startup necessities (e.g. HR, UX/UI designer, developer, legal expert, business hacker), access to our network and tailored coaching. Startups can also draw on our AI expertise and data.

We develop

Be accompanied through the whole product-building process, from the idea to prototype creation and testing

We scale up

Get help launching your project and making sure it’s scalable and is ready to thrive in the big wide world.