insurance and banking

Part of the FinTech family, InsurTech is rapidly growing and almost two hundred venture capital deals - topping €1.4 billion - targeted startups in 2016. Mobile apps, blockchain, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and smart contracts are disrupting the insurance sector, which needs to adapt to cover new types of services e.g. sharing economy. Insurers are the big winners from the release of previously unavailable or inaccessible public-sector data and the rise of open data, which has multiplied potential sources of third-party data.

Analytics solutions - including integrated location intelligence solutions, geospatial analysis, data quality management tools and claims/exposure matching - are also a big help for insurers. The wide range of data sources (analyzed and enhanced by artificial intelligence) enables you to understand your clients better than ever before. This knowledge optimizes risk assessment and drives innovative financial services.

Find out how data can drive your insurance or banking activities!

Who for?

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • FinTech and InsurTech startups
  • Investment funds

Business as usual, but better

  • Achieve more precise risk assessment using data such as building construction date, habitable area, construction materials and the proximity of high risk elements
  • Implement progressive pricing using detailed household information e.g. salary and energy consumption
  • Prevent fraud with complex predictive data sets for any insured object

Create innovative services

  • Gather objects in groups balanced according to risk level to create new insurance products
  • Develop products adapted for sharing economy services such as house or car sharing
  • Introduce peer-to-peer insurance for defined groups using household and neighborhood data