energy efficiency

We currently use energy very inefficiently. For example, buildings in Europe, of which up to 110 million need a green retrofit, account for more than 40% of all final energy consumption. If these buildings were renovated, they would consume up to 12 times less energy. Efficient energy management not only protects our planet, but also achieves massive short-term savings. This is why it has become a priority for governments, industries and citizens.

Big data and artificial intelligence will play an important role in the transition towards a more energy-efficient economy. Smart localized data is helping us understand where energy is needed, why and with what variability. It also brings together micro and macro approaches, gives us insights into our current building stock and identifies renovation needs.

Discover how you can be more energy efficient!

Who for?

  • Construction companies and developers
  • Artisans and small construction businesses
  • Investment funds and property managers
  • Landlords and rentiers
  • IoT and smart buildings creators
  • City authorities

Business as usual, but better

  • Understand the building renovation market better through detailed data e.g. age, materials used and type of roof
  • Get to know customers and their ability to fund energy renovations, for example, based on household composition and available income
  • Recognize types of buildings by type of ownership and provide standardized energy renovation services

Create innovative services

  • Introduce energy renovation packages for groups of property owners benefiting from the same type of green retrofit
  • Create a platform for local artisans and small enterprises, so they can work on large-scale renovation projects together
  • Invent a mechanism enabling individuals interested in energy renovation to check public and private funding options, possible renovation packages and the artisans/companies who could undertake their renovations  

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