focusing on renewables

After a century of overusing natural resources, we are slowly turning towards renewable and clean energy sources. The European Union has set the goal of obtaining at least 27% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. To reach this target, we need to deploy wind, solar and hydro energy as efficiently as possible. This requires us to incorporate these energy sources into our landscapes and cities, and adapt power transmission networks based on the needs of communities and industries.

One of the biggest challenges is developing a distribution and grid system capable of equalizing unstable energy flows from natural energy generators. Power grids will increasingly become information grids, and AI will lead the way in managing utilities infrastructure. AI helps us model different scenarios and balance grids according to fluctuating supply and demand. It also enables more efficient and effective utility operations by completing and analyzing unstructured data.

Discover how you can maximize the potential of renewable energy!

Who for?

  • Electricity and utilities producers
  • Owners of land suitable for renewable energy generators

  • Government and local authorities
  • Industry and manufacturers

Business as usual, but better

  • Maximize the potential of wind turbines using precise weather, land and demand data
  • Optimize the energy network and micro-grids by acquiring a detailed understanding of consumption cycles for businesses and households
  • Find new sustainable sources of energy near production plants and optimize the production cycle to benefit from low energy prices in low demand periods

Create innovative services

  • Transform a group of villages into a sustainable energy plant with solar panels and micro-grids
  • Create an energy platform to offer a low-priced renewable energy supply during predicted periods of low demand and high supply
  • Launch a program motivating landowners to co-finance the installation of wind turbines by estimating potential profits from energy sold to local businesses and households, or the standard distribution network