energy efficiency

Make energy matter

Given Europe’s old building stock, we are quite literally burning money. To prevent huge energy losses, millions of buildings need to be renovated every year and detailed local data could be the key to achieving this. Location and artificial intelligence are also helping optimize the way industries and cities use energy.

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insurance and banking

Revolutionizing the insurance business

New technologies are disrupting the insurance sector and, fueled by data, InsurTech is growing fast. Make sure you benefit from this tech transformation and the location intelligence and new-generation predictive data being generated.

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focusing on renewables

Our future is where the wind blows

Renewable energy is an important tool in achieving a clean economy and better living environment for everyone. It can also dramatically reduce costs with a smart approach. Artificial intelligence has a key role to play in harnessing its potential benefits.

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waste management

Seeing waste as a resource

By discarding waste, we are not only polluting planet but also missing out on valuable resources such as glass, wood and metals. Local data helps us better understand waste flow systems and integrate waste into a circular economy by recycling, upcycling and reusing.

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From digital to sustainable

The digital revolution has the potential to make the agriculture sector more sustainable, efficient and ready to face global challenges. Location intelligence helps us rediscover small agricultural systems that can be optimized at a global scale, while remaining local.

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sustainable cities

Smart data for smart urban living

Managing recent rapid urban growth is a huge challenge. Yet, given that ¾ of the population in developed countries now live in cities, the need for sustainable, livable and affordable urban centers has never been greater. With the help of big data and analytics, we can now build the cities of the future.

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supply chain

Source efficiently - source locally.

Artificial intelligence and local data have enormous potential to improve any supply chain strategy. They allow for advanced analysis using multiple data sources data in order to optimise prices, supplier networks and transport times. It also helps minimise risk of delays and take advantage of a network of local producers.

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