Work at n a m.R

At n a m.R, we create data, tools and services to empower ambitious projects. It’s an exciting venture and we’re currently on the lookout for find smart, passionate people.

We have created an international and multicultural team with a passion for data. n a m.R values smart, hardworking people who like to push their limits and use their potential to create amazing things every day. We’re looking for candidates with different backgrounds, so what are you waiting for?

Open Positions

Our Data Science, Data Library, Business & Marketing teams are waiting for you to bring your talent to help solve the major challenges we face every day!

Data Scientist

In order to accelerate its growth, n a m.R is looking for talented Data Scientists. Becoming a part of n a m.R means joining a dynamic tech team that already counts 15 talents in Data Science. You will be developing our industrialized approach to data processing, bringing your knowledge and creating good practices.

Our organization structure is rather flat – as a Data Scientist you will work closely with the other Data Scientists, as well as with the Data Library team, developers and management, and referring directly to the management

Your skills:

  • You master data science and data processing
  • You master development and databases (Python and SQL)
  • You have a good knowledge of the distributed environment (Hadoop, Spark)
  • You have skills in cloud computing
  • You are not afraid of SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Hbase, Cassandra)
  • You speak English and understand French
  • You enjoy explaining your work to others and are autonomous
Back-end developer

AI is fueled by data and we want loads of it! That’s how the idea of the n a m.R Data Library – a huge collection of all available and ready-to-use data – was born. We have already gathered a collection of 100 000 files from the open data portal and growing, collecting all types of structured and non-structured data from multiple sources.

As a Back-end Developer of the n a m.R Data Library you will be in charge of four major projects:

  • Automation of the metadata generation using multiple databases. Your challeneg will be to create scripts adaptable to any type of source
  • Integration of databases into Salesforce
  • Creation of a search engine in order to find data easily when needed
  • Keeping the Data Library up-to-date and using APIs or scrapers to stay aware of any new dataset available

You will work closely to the manager of the Data Library and Data Strategists who create metadata files.

Your skills :

  • You master languages adapted to data management (SQL, Python, Java)
  • You have skills in databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch)
  • You’re crazy about automation !
  • You speak English and understand French
  • Knowledge of Salesforce is a strong plus
Product Owner

Activities of n a m.R attract many companies from various sectors. In order to make sure we are building the data that will fulfill their needs, we are gathering a team of experts for different sectors, transforming desires into ready-to-use data.

A Product Owner is one of the major roles inside our organization. You will be in a direct relation with the Business Dev team that works on development of partnerships, with the Data Library team to have perfect knowledge of the available data, and with the Data Science team responsible for data building.

Your skills :

  • Ability to quickly understand needs of a sector (organize workshops, build a network of experts,…)
  • Skills in statistics and Data Science
  • Very good skills in management and project planning
  • Ability to present outcomes of your work
  • Knowledge of economic intelligence tools
  • You speak English and understand French
  • Knowledge of Salesforce is a plus
Data Strategist

The crucial areas of expertize of n a m.R are Data Science and AI – and to master both we need a lot of data. Digitization and open data made available and usable massive amounts of data but only some of it is useful to us. That is why we dedicated a whole team to building and maintaining our Data Library. This unique comprehensive source of all available data of any type (open or semi-open, tabular data, images, text…) is put in hands of our Data Scientists.

As a Data Strategist, your mission will be to lead the development of the Data Library. Many challenges need to be addressed in order to create a useful, complete and up-to-date Data Library :

  • Develop a strict method for gathering and sourcing data from different platforms (open and closed)
  • Identify new ways of getting information from the web
  • List metadata that needs to be created for each type of data in order to create a standardised and detailed data catalog
  • Be up-to-date about search engine technologies
  • Evaluate interest in linked data and identify steps needed to benefit from this concept

Plenty of other topics are to be discovered through a dialog with academia and innovative businesses.

Your skills :

  • Strong knowledge of the nature of data and its qualification (categorical data, quantitative data, string, integer…)
  • Skills in data analysis
  • Project management abilities
  • Research spirit
  • Good communication skills
  • You speak English and understand French
  • Knowledge of Salesforce is a strong plus

Getting hired

We know interviewing can be stressful. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for you. We’re very transparent about the process, so you know exactly what to expect.

Our hiring process

First Interview

It all begins with a 30-45 minutes chat about your past experience, role-related knowledge and interest in working with n a m.R. We’ll also give you an overview of the company and our technology, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

Programming Challenge

To show off your technical expertise, you’ll be asked to write and/or correct code (varying difficulty levels). You  don’t need to ace the test — we’re more interested in how you interpret and approach each problem.

In-person Interview

If you get beyond the challenge stage, you’ll be invited to our Paris headquarters for an onsite interview. You’ll meet your potential teammates and get direct insights into our company culture and the complex challenges we’d be tackling together.

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