Our environment

Non-personal data: exploring a new frontier

Open data

Since the beginning of the open data movement in 2011, the newly available data sources have powered a wave that is transforming both public and private organizations.

Massive data treatment and AI

With ever greater computational power, skills & algorithms, artificial intelligence and Data Science have matured and are ready to be applied to your business needs.

Find new solutions

In recent years, new practices have emerged including crowd-sourcing, open source and the sharing economy. Data is at the very heart of these systems and the new solutions they generate.

Our vision

Local data to tame our territories

Develop digital twins for non-personal data

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a real area, process or system. In the context of non-personal data, digital twins are linked to real objects, actors and events, and provide information about their counterparts. The digital representation shows how the object lives throughout its life cycle, making it possible to complete advanced simulations. Digital Twins integrate AI, machine learning and software analytics with data to create living digital simulation models that update and change as their physical counterparts evolve

Empower society

Digital offers new ways for people, authorities and communities to interact. Local data was the missing link in the path to consumer empowerment. Today, it enables citizens to defend their interests in a responsible, informed and collective way. Technology and data drive the kind of empowerment needed for a participatory model

Release the potential of Location Intelligence

The digitalization of the economy is producing an unprecedented amount of location-referenced data. The intelligence provided by this geo-localised data is now a game changer for business decision-making. These kinds of insights produce concrete business results e.g. speed up the implementations of new commercial premises, analyze patterns to enhance building renovation, and optimize the placement of wind turbines by compiling even more weather and environment-related data.

Enable inclusive and sustainable growth

Our current economic development model and way of living are no long adapted to the times and therefore need to be revised. Many growth drivers are no longer sustainable with a growing list of global problems threatening our future stability and shared prosperity. We face:

  • Environmental issues e.g. climate change, loss of biosphere integrity and altered biogeochemical cycles
  • Societal needs e.g. clean water and sanitation, affordable housing

To develop a sustainable and inclusive society, we need to completely rethink the way we live and adapt to the specificities of each local territory.

Our mission

Provide local data to drive the development of new services

Following a century of centralizing and “massifying” resources, we believe the future relies on us taking singularity and difference into account. This is why we create smart localized data using artificial intelligence to help build innovative services for sustainable and inclusive economic growth. To achieve this, we give individuals, companies and governments access to our data platform. This initiative is driven by our startup studio through which we support a wide range of projects that share our vision.