AI for good

nam.R was born from a simple idea : the digital transition is key to addressing the major issues of sustainable development, hastening the ecological transition and unleashing the economic potential associated with these. By adhering to a “AI for good” platform, we want to make sure that our data, our digital twin, and our algorithms accompany projects with immediate positive effects.

picto Ai

AI for good 

Have you had enough AI being used only for chatbots, marketing, or churn detection ? nam.R finally puts AI to the service of the greater good by including itself to the Sustainable Development Objectives of the UN.

picto privat data

proprietary data

Independent from one end of the creation of data and solutions to the other, we are fully in control to ensure that our data is actually used towards the enhancing of public good.

picto privat

privacy by design

Contrary to GAFAM, we do not, and will never, use personal data : All our products are privacy-friendly by design : from the earliest stages of the process, they are designed so that they never include personal data

picto ethic

moral compass

Thanks to its moral compass and its scientific committee, nam.R can assure that the data we create is always non-personal, respects privacy and is always used to make our world a better place.

nam.R = SDG + AI