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Collective reflections for the preparation of the seminar

As a startup, we have specific values that are not only at the heart of our project but also in our way of running it.  The organisation of our 2nd in-house seminar was the occasion to implement these rules. So, when came the time for reflections, we planned ahead a meeting gathering all the team in order to know their expectations.

We asked them what they thought of the 1st seminar, if there were some matters going wrong or what they liked. The result was the eagerness for more interactions between teams, the opportunity for everyone to really take part of the event and the need to invite an external actor in order to learn new things and know more about the namR ecosystem. We then compiled all this information to build a program that everybody will remember! 

Back to the program of our 2nd in-house seminar

This time, we decided that the seminar will take place at our new office. The day smoothly started with a breakfast and an introduction of Sebastián Sachetti. Then we got down to the main topic with the first workshop by Vincent and Alexandre: the burg.R Quizz! Of course, the game chart and the questions were customised for namR. And, believe it, our talents did not spare the buzzers.

For the second workshop, Louis Petros, had the great idea to invite Sarah Lenoir, specialist lawyer in digital law, in intellectual property and in personal datas protection. Lawyer Sarah Lenoir conducted a conference on the legal challenges of data and algorithms. A question for which legal responses are still ambiguous. It was about understanding, for example, who, of the Human or the machine was to be held responsible in the case of an algorithm created by the use of Artificial Intelligence? 

1:00PM: it’s time for lunch. But be careful, not just any lunch! It’s on this May 23rd that namR inaugurated its very first collaborative lunch, that since became a routine every last Thursday of the month. You probably know the rule behind it: everybody cook something that he shares afterwards with his colleagues. The objective of this initiative is to turn the lunch to be a key moment of meeting and social interchange.

The day went on with two workshops introduced by Sebastián and Louis. The topic of one of these workshops was the privacy policy of namR; what can we say and what are the information which must remain confidential? The second workshop was on how to pitch namR?

Our last workshop was a Time’s up, also a draft from namR! In order to create more interaction and collaboration, we decided to form teams by mixing the different poles of namR – Communication/Data Engineer/NLP Engineer/Developers – so that those who scarcely work together could at last learn to know each other better. It was a great success since everyone joined the game and… at times, a little too much!

6:30PM: Departure of the team, heading to the bar Gamelle in Daumesnil avenue. The cheerfulness of everyone added to the festive atmosphere gave us the desire to continue our seminar. No doubt that this event has strengthen the relationships between the members of our team; and it’s an experience that’s just beginning!