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ask namr

the portal that provides an analysis of every building in France

ask namr

the portal that provides an analysis of every building in France

Choose your desired attributes from among 6 billion pieces of data produced by namR.

Operational managers and decision-makers require an enhanced knowledge of their markets in order to propose the most appropriate, innovative offers to their public and private customers.

Target business opportunities and accelerate data flow among all your stakeholders.

Categorising buildings and their environment is a major focus of prospective studies carried out by public service delegates, regional planners and engineering firms.

Enhance your studies and make the most of your proposals by easily incorporating namR’s unique attributes into your internal tools.  


asknamR is the first French data-as-a-service platform that provides quantitative and qualitative analyses of buildings, regions and the environment.

It is designed to facilitate unique data use in order to help:

  • Instantly draw upon namR’s 250 attributes on 34 million buildings in France.
  • Serve as a daily source of data in conjunction with your internal tools.

Our freemium offer gives new users free access to view all the attributes applied to a range of French cities.

This handy decision-making tool helps you target business opportunities and enhance your studies.


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Technical features

  • 250 high-value-added attributes documented and classified by theme
  • 34 million buildings, 88 million geolocated plots
  • Reliable, regularly updated data
  • Interactive map of buildings across the whole of France
  • Smart filtering according to geographical area, address list and building purpose
  • Option to export data as a file (e.g. csv, xls or shp format), using an API or connectors
  • No use of personal data
  • 7 billion pieces of data produced by namR

« asknamR lets you find the best attributes for improving your models and making objective, data-based decisions. » Chloé Clair, CEO of namR.

Contact us for a tailored quote.

Contact us for a tailored quote.