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Estimation of vegetated surfaces with Computer Vision: how we improved and scaled up our model

How we improved our estimation of vegetated surfaces with Computer Vision Here at nam.R, we’re putting our hard work into building a Digital Twin of the French territory. We aggregate, clean and re-organize a large quantity of data of different […]

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merging geo-spatial data on twin polygons

nam.R - merging geo-spatial data on twin polygons

To build a rich description of the object the real challenge is to join these pieces together. But in absence of a clear and coherent name or index, this process can become quite difficult and noisy. For example when trying […]


Data Job 2018

nam.R - Data Job 2018

Looking for new talent With its 80 exhibitors, 60 speakers and 3000 participants, Data Job is certainly one of the most important recruitment trades fairs in which nam.R has ever participated. We were there simultaneously to meet new persons, to interchange […]


French Norwegian seminar “Observations, AI and Sustainable Development”

nam.R - French Norwegian seminar “Observations, AI and Sustainable Development”

From September 24th to 25th 2018 Charles Hutin-Persillon, Data Strategist and Nicoles Berthelot, Lead Data Strategist, at nam.R participated to the french-norwegian seminar: “Observations, AI and sustainable development”   “Observations, AI and sustainable development” Organised by the Ministry of Higher education, […]


Duccio Piovani at ComplexCity

nam.R - Duccio Piovani at ComplexCity

An edition around the theme of ComplexCity Every year, SICC organise a tutorial series in order to explore the emergence of new areas of research in which the design, the assessment and the control of non-linear and complex systems play an […]


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