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nam.R at European AI for Finance

“Time to be concrete”  nam.R was at Ai for finance, a unique opportunity of networking at the european scale for all the actors of the AI in finance, the fintech meeting of the reopening season had as topic: “Time to […]

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French Norwegian seminar “Observations, AI, Sustainable Development”

nam.R - French Norwegian seminar “Observations, AI, Sustainable Development”

From September 24th to 25th 2018 Charles Hutin-Persillon, Data Strategist and Nicoles Berthelot, Lead Data Strategist, at nam.R participated to the french-norwegian seminar: “Observations, AI and sustainable development”   “Observations, AI and sustainable development” Organised by the Ministry of Higher education, […]


Duccio Piovani at ComplexCity

nam.R - Duccio Piovani at ComplexCity

An edition around the theme of ComplexCity Every year, SICC organise a tutorial series in order to explore the emergence of new areas of research in which the design, the assessment and the control of non-linear and complex systems play an […]



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