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Web Summit x namR

When writing his report AI for Humanity, giving meaning to artificial intelligence, Cédric Villani had auditioned namR and received a contribution that was included in the fourth part: “Artificial intelligence in the service of ecological transition”. In particular, Cédric Villani reminds us of the importance of continuing the movement to open up data (ecological, public and private) in which namR is involved. He concludes that: “This release could be used to encourage innovations that open the way for rapid actions: shared renovation of housing, development of renewable energies, energy efficiency, facilitation of short circuits, recovery of waste from private individuals and industrialists, building permits, demolition permits, etc…”

It is with this exact will that namR was created two years ago and that we have set ourselves the mission of making data accessible, actionable for the ecological transition. We are now forty people, with a strong technical component (25 people in the technical team, 15 data scientists, 7 PhDs) and multiple expertise in satellite imagery analysis, geolocated data processing and the linking of very heterogeneous data such as those from Open Data.
During his visit yesterday to our Web Summit booth, Cédric Villani was able to test sola.R platforms (which reference technical information on roofs and their environment to target the best roofs to solarize, create local deployment clusters and optimize the transition to greener energy) and enRgy (which reference morphological and energy information on buildings and their environment to target energy efficiency operations, obtain economies of scale by grouping operations and more generally optimize energy efficiency in the French fleet).
Thank you Cedric for coming to see us at the Web Summit and see you soon!
Cedric Villani visiting nam.R at Web Summit