Find all buildings larger than 1000 square metres in the PACA region with very energy-intensive cooling and heating equipment
Which schools in the Greater Paris region could be connected to a heating network?
Which wall-insulation projects for secondary schools in the Nord department could be grouped to allow cost savings of 8%?
Which buildings need their gas-fired boiler changing within the next five years?
What is the heated surface area in square metres of co-owned properties in the Maine-et-Loire department with an E label?
How many single-glazed windows need to be replaced in nurseries in Brittany for children's comfort?
Which are the 15,000 social housing units prioritised for major renovation in Greater Lyon?
How many buildings with a double-pitched roof larger than 100 square metres receive from six hours of sunshine on average per day in Clichy?
What is the potential for greening and installing solar panels on the flat roofs of schools in the Hauts-de-France department?
What is the correct home insurance premium for a 127 square metres 1930s house with a shared boundary, two roof windows, electric heating and located 180m from a river?
How many houses with a private garden are located in a residential area and within 15km of a DIY store?

Our solutions

Benefit from actionable knowledge about your assets and clients in order to unlock the potential of your use cases

the client journey
2 clicks
instead of 20
The namR solution will pre-complete simulator fields by characterising their home, without any reduction in the quotation assessment quality (insurance risk, fibre installation, energy connection, feasibility of solar self-consumption, etc.)
your sales process
Increase the conversion rate four-fold
namR data enhances the data models of BtoC clients when the product sold is linked to their home in some way (home retail, building work, removals, insurers, property loans, dealers, etc.). This solution allows more effective targeting and marketing prospecting, thanks to an enhanced knowledge of the client’s socio-economic as well as property ecosystem
the energy renovation
Save 15% on works
The namR solution provides an overview of a property portfolio by identifying where heat is escaping. It is then possible to group the work to be carried out by geographical area or macro work packages, ensuring the work benefits from economies of scale.
Flag up
the most efficient work
Optimise the ratio of €/kWh saved
The namR solution makes it possible to estimate the energy performance audit and energy consumption for each building in a property portfolio, while characterising its energy source, solar potential or distance from a heating network. This information makes it possible to create energy renovation scenarios including estimates of the kWh saved and so indicate the most efficient works in terms of money spent compared with kWh saved.
predictive models
+25% model performance
namR data enhances the predictive models of comprehensive home insurance by characterising the property and its environment. Addactis, a comprehensive home insurance actuary, has shown that namR smart data can increase the performance of comprehensive home insurance models by 20% to 39%.
your client models
+20% client information
namR data enhances client models. This solution allows more effective targeting and marketing prospecting, thanks to an enhanced knowledge.
field audits
€1,500 saved per building
namR allows you to characterise your entire property portfolio, however widely spread it may be across the country, based solely on your property's address. You obtain data sheet for your portfolio containing all measurements (surfaces, heights, etc.), characteristics (age of roof, type of facade or year of construction) and the potential for work (solar potential, distance to the hot water network), without having to travel. You only have to send out a team when necessary, not for an overall audit.
your catchment areas
+20% performance
namR data makes it possible to better understand the catchment area of ​​the various points of sale (in place or planned), as well as to enhance client knowledge based on precise data about clients’ homes.