A week at Data Science Summer School 

This year and for the third time, nam.R participated and sponsored the Data Science Summer School. Co-organised by the Data Science Initiative and DATAIA Institute at Ecole Polytechnique. The event gathered more than 500 participants, from June 24 to June 28 on the campus of Palaiseau.

A week at Data Science Summer School

After the success of the 2 firsts editions of  Data Science Summer School (DS3), the Ecole polytechnique welcomed from June 24th to June 28th, the third event DS3 on its campus in Palaiseau.

This event, made to bring together over a hundred of professionals from Data Science and AI  fields, propose a program of courses and workshops about the very last innovations.

Public and experts attending DS3 :

Data Science Summer School, is an initiative by Emmanuel Bacry, co-founder of nam.R, Senior Researcher at CNRS at Paris-Dauphine University and Scientific Director of Health Data Hub, co-organized with DATAIA institute and Rémi Munos, Google Deep Mind, Rada Mihalcea, professor at the university of Michigan and Stéphane Mallat, professor at the prestigious Collège de France and E.N.S.

People attending the event were students from all over the world, post PhD and searchers from various labs, senior professors and industrialists, all here to learn the lasts news about Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Text Analysis…

The event was also a good occasion to discuss with the speakers about technologies an ethicals questions related to data and algorithms  

nam team at DS3

 nam.R was at Data Science Summer School for the third year to meet students and professionals of Data Science field.

Four people of our team enjoyed the event and shared their experiences about the production of actionable data for external data bases, or the use of machine learning for the construction. Of our Data Twin system (on the franc geographic territory)

They were thrilled to talk with Konrad SCHINDLER, eminent professor at Zurich ETH about the use of Computer Vision in the treatment of aerials images, with the MFG Labs’ team about the handling of geolocalised data and with all the students ans searchers presenting their work at the Poster Sessions.



As a  conclusion, during this week, our team has been able to enjoy fully the event attending workshops and conferences about the DNA themes of our start up.


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