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An edition around the theme of ComplexCity

Every year, SICC organise a tutorial series in order to explore the emergence of new areas of research in which the design, the assessment and the control of non-linear and complex systems play an increasingly important role. Duccio Piovani our Head of Research was at Complexity.

Pun between “city” and the scientific “complexity”, a mathematical approach of design that studies the evolution of large disordered systems, the 2018 edition’s workshop ComplexCity was focusing on the interactions, the mobility, the dissemination of information but also on the misinformation, and a range of other complex phenomenons arising in urban environment. The observation made from a complex system is, for example, that it’s quite impossible to infer the behaviour of a million people by studying the one of a sample of only 10 persons.

Duccio has the pleasure to listen to the conferences of prestigious speakers whose numerous an unbelievable projects aim to make cities more intelligent. Among them we found Carlo Ratti of Senseable City Lab, who come to introduce the oncoming projects of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or even Paolo Santi, also from Senseable City Lab, who was unveiling his optimisation model about waiting time for taxis.

The statement of Duccio Piovani at ComplexCity

The ambition of namR is to support the ecological transition of towns, of infrastructures and land areas by the means of data. We continuously seek ways of describing land areas using static data. We don’t have dynamic system in our data and we don’t try to model behaviours but that is precisely one of our oncoming objectives.

Duccio was representing namR that day in order to explain above all the importance of creating a Digital Twin in France and displaying the data we have for every building. He was also presenting our tRees & Solar’s platforms and explained the purpose of making OpenData accessible. Duccio also explained how OpenData’s value can be use to move forward the ecological Smart Transition of the city.