European AI night

More than 100 Keynotes and workshops on the artificial intelligence animated by the political world, academic and entrepreneurial at the '"European AI night".

A special wink for Emmanuel Bacry co-founder of nam.R and Florian Douetteau Founder of our partnership Dataiku. Congratulations to all actors to make France an international reference in artificial intelligence Cedric O, Mohammed Adnène Trojette Bertrand Pailhès Eric Labaye Professor Barry O’Sullivan, MRIA Pierre Etienne Bardin Laurence Lafont Jean-Marc David Amélie OUDEA-CASTERA MONSALLIER Fabien Claire Calmejane David Sadek Vincent Luciani Yann Lechelle Sebastien GUIBERT Isabelle Ryl without forgetting my friend Eric Leandri de Qwant and many more that I forgot to mention

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