25 Sep 2020
CEE webinar

Le Plan Bâtiment Durable and the DGEC are organising a webinar on the action of CEE programmes to support the improvement of local authorities’ housing stock on September 25th from 2pm to 4pm.

On the agenda:

– Presentation of the “heating of tertiary buildings” boost & mobilisation of standardised operation sheets.
– Presentation of CEE programmes dedicated to the improvement of the local authorities’ stock:

  • ACTEE 1 & 2 supported by the FNCCR ( helping the development of energy efficiency projects for public buildings)
  • ADVENIR, supported by AVERE (CEE subsidies for electric vehicle charging stations);
  • EnergieSprong France, supported by GreenFlex (developing a massive market for zero-energy guaranteed renovation);
  • tRees, (energy transition for educational buildings) supported by nam.R


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