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booth 117 AMLD

Lausanne - 28/01/2020


François is pleased to welcome you on our booth (117) today at #AMLD2020. Meet him until 5pm! #iA #TechForGood #DataScience

AMLD 2020

Lausanne - 27/01/2020


Come and listen our talented team on stage at #AMLD2020 talking about ‘Predicting the Solar Potential of Rooftops using Image Segmentation and Structured Data’ !

Happy New Year!

rue Foucault - 01/01/2020


christmas time at nam.R!

rue Foucault - 19/12/2019


shooting with Valentine

rue Foucault - 04/12/2019


What is the life of a Data Engineer at nam.R? Valentine tells you about her experience and daily challenges in video, soon available!

christmas tRee

rue Foucault - 01/12/2019


It’s Christmas time !


Lille - 29/11/2019


nam.R is delighted to have participated in the ADEO Data Hacking Days. The Decarboniz.R team wins the special jury prize with a project to identify energy efficiency deposits.

Bastien & Alex were at the MVA Master Forum

rue Foucault - 18/11/2019


Students from ‘École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay’, Bastien and Alexandre are at the MVA Forum ! Come and meet them & discover our offers.

ciao Duccio !

rue Foucault - 14/11/2019


Ciao Duccio! Wishing you all the best


Alexandre, Hermès and Alaeddine are enjoying the team lunch together

rue Foucault - 24/10/2019


Every month, our team gathers for a team lunch. Perfect occasion to discover which coworker is a talented Chef !

team lunch

rue Foucault - 24/10/2019


October team lunch at nam.R’s Parisian office

mana-vox at nam.R

rue Foucault - 23/10/2019


We had the pleasure to welcome Mana who presented a tool to evaluate the negative impact of companies on the environment.

Meetup #16 - AI & energy: a tool for the transition?

Lyon - 10/10/2019


Our team was speaking about data this Thursday October 10 in Lyon. The theme of our conference was ” External data supporting the ecological transformation, examples of solar and energetic efficiency”. #techforgood #IA #data

forum carrières Sciences Po

Paris - 27/09/2019


@sciencespo students : our team is looking forward to meet you !  Charles, Florentin et Nicolas will talk with you about  your career at #ForumScpo, booth 62.

global climate strike

Paris - 20/09/2019


It’s time for all generations to mobilize themselves ! That’s why our team is walking for climate #teamnamR #Climatestrike

we are recRuiting!

rue Foucault - 19/09/2019


And we are hiRing !

conference: artificial intelligence for green finance

Palais Brongniart - 03/09/2019


Conference of our co-founder Gregory Labrousse during the event  Impact AI with Emmanuel Bacry, Bettina Laville and Jean-Michel Beacco

Ai for finance

Palais Brongniart - 03/09/2019


Great talks about Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Green Finance during the event Ai for finance

nam.R is celebrating!

Port de Suffren - 29/08/2019


Friendly time at Port de Suffren with our team !

tackling climate change with machine learning

Rue Foucault - 23/08/2019


This Friday August 23, Daniel presented the article “Tackling climate change with Machine Learning”. He focused his talk about nam.R’s fields of action as for example buildings renovation. A time of pedagogy, listening and share, around a key subject : climate change  

DJ Antoine Girard at nam.R

Rue Foucault - 16/08/2019


Antoine Girard  mixing during a nice summer evening at nam.R’s office

hermès at ACL 2019

Florence - 31/07/2019


Hermes, Data Scientist at nam.R was at the annual meeting ACL 2019

team meal

nam.R - 25/07/2019


Our team enjoyed yesterday the 2nd edition of our team meal. Alexander took the opportunity to captured this moment.

presentation "World pole" at nam.R

Paris - 24/07/2019


Charles is presenting the origins, issues and opportunities   of the World pole, included to the Data Strategy team

impact AI opening by Emmanuel Bacry

Paris - 08/07/2019


Emmanuel Bacry is opening the event Impact AI at Musée d’Orsay

geodata days 2019

Arras - 02/07/2019


The first professional meeting of the Geodata field took place at Arras on July 2nd and 3rd, 2019. Our Data Strategists were there with less than thirty other exhibitors !

alexander was at Polytechnique in 1872 :o

Palaiseau - 27/06/2019


At nam.R’s, we also people who lookalike great physicists

data science summer school 2019

Palaiseau - 24/06/2019


If you want to know more about the working experience at namR, our talented Data Scientist Intern Alaeddine is delighted to meet you at DS3 #DataScience #namR @ZekriAlaeddine @Polytechnique @Institut_Dataia

polytechnique is celebrating its 225th birthday !

Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau - 24/06/2019


nam.R is proud to be the partner of the international scientific symposium: «RefleXions: researching, educating and acting for sustainable development»

speaking engagement at Polytechnique

Palaiseau - 07/06/2019


« Invest in sustainable development », Bettina Laville, Grégory Labrousse and Emmanuel Bacry

gaël grasset x ADEO

Lille - 06/06/2019


Gaël Grasset, was speaker during the event ADEO Data Driven Day and explained « How to create new opportunities thanks to a better knowing of the inhabitants’ data».

greentech verte 2019

Station F - 04/06/2019


Annual Meet’Up  Green Tech Verte  at Station F

gregory Labrousse x Brune Poirson

Station F - 04/06/2019


Grégory Labrousse meeting Brune Poirson at the event Green Tech Verte at Station F

Xavier Bertrand with nam.R at Vivatech


Grégory Labrousse meeting Xavier Bertrand at Vivatech 2019

tRees x Vivatech

Vivatech 2019 - 17/05/2019


tRees program was presented to the public in our booth during Vivatech 2019

vivatech 2019 : go !

Paris - 16/05/2019


#VivaTechnology The world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation starts tomorrow. If you are from the energy, insurance, renovation, construction, retail, real estate or green finance sectors: you should meet our team and discover our use cases. If you are passionnate about innovation and data, you should come and meet us as well! Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our team 👉

techforgood dinner at the Elysée

Elysée - 15/05/2019


Honored to be invitated at the @Elysee by @EmmanuelMacron & @cedric_o to discover the result of #Tech4Good with @VivaTech, @namr_france, @brunepoirson, @isabelle_kocher, @Laurent_Mignon, @Romanet and the founders of CAC 40

Toolkit Trees

Paris - 07/05/2019


For the selection of our program #tRees, by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and ADEME, we open our “Tree Reference” 🌳: Compilation & synthesis of data #opendata on trees (France)!

Congradulations to E.Bacry and to the EU AI Night speakers inaugurated by C.Villani

Paris - 06/05/2019


100 Keynotes on #AI ​​of the political, academic, and entrepreneurial world at # EU4AI. 1 nod to @ebacry cofounder @namr_france and @dataiku Congratulations to all these actors to make France a global reference in #AI ​​@VillaniCedric @cedric_o @trojette @Polytechnique

Thank you Eytan Messika, Merci Forbes

Paris - 07/04/2019


Many thanks to Messika and FORBES FRANCE for placing the girl’s name in the top 13 French Start-ups of artificial intelligence to follow in 2019: “A true” game changer “in the field of artificial intelligence, a society of rare companies with so many talents, co-founded by Grégory Labrousse and Emmanuel Bacry, recommended by Pierre Lescure”. #IA #transitionecologique #frenchstartup

Delighted to have seen the launch of AI4EU at the Quai d'Orsay, under the patronage of Jean Yves le Drian on April 17, 2019

Paris - 29/04/2019


Thanks to @JY_LeDrian @cedric_o for launching #AI European with @BarryOSullivan interventions Paul Hermelin @CapgeminiInvent @jennschenker @LaurenceLafont @isai_en @DGiblas

Databreakfast Dataiku avec Gaël Grasse

Paris - 15/01/2019


Meet @Gaël Grasset, our CTO,invited for the first databreakfast of Dataiku le 31 janvier on January 31 to talk about the building of #projetdata of nam.R!

Meet us at Data Job

Paris - 20/11/2018


The Data Job event is tomorrow ! Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, we are so looking forward to meeting you and hope to see many of you at the stand 7 ! Do not forget your forget your Resume!

Data on board

Paris - 29/11/2018


We are at the Data On Board by OpenDataSoft. The planning : The power of shared data. More than a goal, sharing data is a necessity

Than you !



Vous êtes plus de 1000 à nous suivre et à partager avec nous les petites et grandes actualités de nam.R. Nous tenions donc à vous dire un grand merci au nom de toute l’équipe ! Vous pouvez également nous suivre sur Twitter : et retrouver nos offres sur Welcome to the Jungle :

Less than an hour before the end of the internships forum

Paris - 02/12/2018


There is one hour left to come and see us at the internship forum of MVA inside Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay school, Sébastien is waiting for you.

Meet Nam.r at ENS

Paris - 09/12/2018


You can find some members of our team nam.R at the internships forum of MVA inside Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay school on Monday 10th of December. For those absent, our internships offer in data science are on Welcome to the jungle :

Thanks DataJob!

Paris - 23/11/2018


Thanks to the DataJob for this interesting edition that brought meetings and exchange around the data jobs area! For those who missed it, do not hesitate to send us your resume via welcometothejungle :

Workshop DataJob

Paris - 22/11/2018


The workshop animated by Gaël Grasset and Duccio Piovani will focus on the topic of data localisation and satellite data combined with l’IA and deep learning will take place in the Tech Room

Machine Learning & AI at Data Job

Paris - 22/11/2018


if you find yourself at the Data Job event, there is huge chances that you might find yourself interested by the machine learning and artificial intelligence, make sure not to miss the workshop animated by our CTO Gaël Grasset and our Research Lead data Science Duccio Piovani at 5:15 pm in the Tech Room

Discussions with Cedric Villani

Paris - 25/09/2018


Thanks to @VillaniCedric for our exchange at the #FDDay at l’@Elysee on l”#IA & l’#opendata in regards to the #TransitionÉcologique ! @FRdigitale @namr_france @mounir @nautoui @MissionVillani #frenchtech #aiforgood

Cap Digital

Paris - 19/11/2018


Interesting exchange at Cap Digital this morning with Valéria FAURE-MUNTIAN. In the planning : spatial data, a common good ? What does the futur holds for produceurs ?

Thanks Professor Nicolas Mottis

Paris - 30/10/2018


I would like to thank professor #NicolasMottis, teacher of the @MasterPICX at @UnivParisSaclay under the guidance of the @Polytechnique school and @HECParis, for giving me the opportunity to speak to their students of @namr_france and the new #BusinessModel of the #Data


Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2018


We are already halfway through #WebSummit2018 ! If you are interested in #EnergyEfficiency, #Renewables, #RealEstate and #SustainableDevelopment, be sure to stop by booth (E341, hall 3) for a demo of our tailor-made #Data platform ! #smartcities #solarization #AIForGood

Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2018


What better way to demonstrate our #digitaltwin than with real, miniaturized buildings ? The results are more than satisfactory — come and see for yourself at booth E341, hall 3 ! @XXII_GROUP #WebSummit2018 #AugmentedReality #AIForGood


Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2018


#WebSummit2018 : what an inspiring event ! We’re here at booth E341, hall 3. Come and discover nam.R’s #Data solutions for #sustainabledevelopment ! @WebSummit #aiforgood #DataScience #dataforgood


Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2018


Ready for #WebSummit2018 ! We’re working hard to make our booth welcoming, and looking forward to meeting you for some constructive dialogue on #Data & #DataScience !

Web Summit 2018

Paris, France - 10/2018


The @WebSummit 2018 countdown has begun! We’re really looking forward to meeting you and talking about what #IA has to offer the world—and especially to #SustainableDevelopment ! #WebSummit2018 #FrenchTech #GreenTech #IAForGood #DataForGood

Meeting with Daniele Quercia from @Cambridge_Uni

Paris - 27/06/2018


Thanks to #computerscientist @danielequercia, in charge of @BellLabs at @Cambridge_Uni, for coming to meet us. An inspiring encounter !

Philippe Conticini at XDS3

Paris - 28/06/2018


DS3 is also about relaxing times… Thanks to Philippe Conticini for meeting our team and let us taste his delicious creations.

EGG Conference 2018

Paris, France - 11/2018


Our CTO Gaël Grasset will be talking about artificial intelligence, geo localised data and satellite data at the EGG conference, the first Dataiku’s event dedicated to data science and AI.

ComplexCity 2018

Turin, Italy - 10/2018


Our Research Lead Data Scientist, Duccio Piovani is on stage right now at @SICC_IT presenting nam.R’s Digital Twin and the platforms we are building to make open data accessible and exploit its value

Emmanuel Bacry at the public hearing at the National Assembly

Paris - 07/04/2019


Come and listen Emmanuel Bacry, co-founder of nam.R at the public hearing at the National Assembly co-organized by Cédric Villani and Gérard Longuet this Thursday, February 21 at 9 am about artificial intelligence and health broadcast. Live on LCP-National Assembly

HSBC : Smart Cities

Paris, France - 10/2018


Thanks toValérie Pecresse and HSBC Smart Cities for these exciting talks about data, AI and smart cities during Paris Infra Week.

HSBC: Smart Cities

Paris, France - 10/2018


nam.R was part of the HSBC Smart Cities day. Grégory Labrousse presented new opportunities offered by data in new transactions.

ODPP: Observatoire Open Data

Paris, France - 10/2018


Open Data By Default Week nam.R attends the presentation by the Observatoire Open Data des Territoires


Paris, France - 10/2018


How can we expand open data public services? Which areas should we prioritise? Very exciting workshop led by Etalab as part of France’s ODPP week.

séminaire nam.R

Paris, France - 10/2018


A few highlights from nam.R’s first anniversary seminar on the boat Les Maquereaux in Paris—hard work and festive atmosphere!

IEEE - DSAA 2018

Turin, Italy - 10/2018


Glad to be at the IEEE DSAA 2018 in Torino

Dreamforce 2018

San Francisco, USA - 09/2018


We are attending the community Cloud Keynote of Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco

séminaire à l'Institut Français de Norvège

Paris, France - 09/2018


We attended the conference “Earth Observation + Artificial Intelligence” at the French Institut of Norway where were presented the innovated solution for climate.

France Digitale Day 2018

Paris, France - 09/2018


Thank you Cédric Villani for our talk at the Elysée about artificial intelligence and open data for the ecological transition

présentation Ministère de la Transition Ecologique

Paris, France - 09/2018


Nice talk with Arnaud Leroy from ADEME at the FAIRE presentation day, where we had the chance to present our artificial intelligence platforms supporting the ecological transition

Inspire Conference 2018

Anvers, Belgique - 09/2018


nam.R was at the Inspire Conference 2018, insisting on the importance of data quality

Collège de France

Paris, France - 09/2018


We were very glad to participate to the “Grand Programme Transversal de Finance Verte & Durable” of Louis Bachelier, at the Collège de France.

Vivatech 2018

Paris, France - 05/2018


Grégory Labrousse presented nam.R to Emmanuel Macron at #vivatech2018.

Vivatech 2018

Paris, France - 05/2018


nam.R’s very colourful booth at #vivatech2018 #DIY

AI for Good 2018 - ITU

Geneva, Switzerland - 05/2018


Conférence #AIforgood2018

Data Science Summer School

Paris, France - 07/2018


Duccio and Sacha will spend the week at Data Science Summer School to present our projects .#DS3

GeoDataDays 2018

Le Havre, France - 07/2018


nam.R was at Geo Data Days 2018 launched by Afigeo and Decrypta Geo. The great meeting of data producers and geo data users.

Web Summit 2017

Lisboa, Portugal


President Hollande talking with Gregory Labrousse about the Open Data revolution. François Hollande was one of Open Data’s pioneers alongside President Barack Obama.

Web Summit 2017

Lisboa, Portugal


Meeting with Professor Mohan Munasinghe, Nobel Prize for Peace dedicated to his contribution to define the Sustainable Development Goals. nam.R is a key actor in the SDG working groups.

Data Science Summer School

Paris, France - 07/2018


Grégory met  Ann LeCun at Data Science Summer School 2018 and presented him nam.R’s work to use data science to ease the ecological transition.

Hackathon Data Energie 2017

Paris, France - 06/2017


nam.R is the big winner of the Hackathon Data Energie 2017 launched by RTE, GRTgaz, Enedis, GRDF, Etalab and Liberté Living-lab.

Websummit 2017

Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2017


nam.R team at Lisboa for Web Summit 2017.

Websummit 2017

Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2017


nam.R booth at Web Summit 2017, a place to discover the ambitious project of nam.R and its digital twin.

Websummit 2017

Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2017


Meeting Enigma data, major company  of the open data field in the US. We were very curious about the huge data lab they’ve created : Enigma Public.

Websummit 2017

Lisbon, Portugal - 11/2017


Building nam.R’s booth at Web Summit 2017.

Dreamforce 2017

San Francisco, U.S.A - 11/2017


nam.R was at Dreamforce 2017, the big event Salesforce. #myEinstein, #mySalesforce, #myTrailhead

World Efficiency Solutions 2017

Paris, France - 12/2017


Gael presenting nam.R at World Efficiency Solutions 2017.

World Efficiency Solutions 2017

Paris, France - 12/2017


nam.R booth at World Efficiency Solutions 2017

World Efficiency Solutions 2017

Paris, France - 12/2017


Louis Petros presenting nam.R’s project for the ecological transition.

World Efficiency Solutions 2017

Paris, France - 12/2017


Grégory Labrousse and Louis Petros presenting le projet nam.R’s ambitions for the ecological transition to Brune Poirson.

Big Data Paris 2018

Paris, France - 03/2018


Gael Grasset represented nam.R for the final of the Big Data Trophies at BigDataParis

Big Data Paris 2018

Paris, France - 03/2018


Nicolas Berthelot presenting the Data Library and the way to use it at Big Data Paris 2018.

Big Data Paris 2018

Paris, France - 03/2018


Conference by Grégory Labrouse, Lila Tretikov, Emmanuel Bacry et Pierre Lescure et Big Data Paris 2018.

Big Data Paris 2018

Paris, France - 03/2018


Lila Tretikov, CEO at Terrawatt Initiative & co-founder of nam.R at Big Data Paris

Observatoire de l'Open Data

Paris, France - 04/2018


nam.R is very proud of its contribution for the creation of the Open Data Observatory with its partners Open Data France, Etalab, Caisse des dépots and SciencesPo

Vivatech 2018

Paris, France - 05/2018


nam.R team is at Viva tech 2018. A very  large audience came to talk about Digital Twin, SDG and AI for good with us.

AI for Good 2018 - ITU

Geneva, Switzerland - 05/2018


Gaël at the International Telecommunications Union conference AI for good

Meet-up Green Tech Verte

Paris, France - 05/2018


Grégory Labrousse presenting nam.R at the Meet-up of “GreenTechVerte”

Conférence Comité21

Paris, France - 06/2018


Louis Petros and Bettina Laville at the conference debate « Anthropocene, artificial intelligence and sustainable development goals” launched by Comité 21

Toulouse Space Show 2018

Toulouse, France - 06/2018


Charles and Guillaume are at the event Toulouse Space Show 2018. They will talk with you about our use of data satellite.

Data Science Summer School

Paris, France - 07/2018


Duccio and Sasha presenting their shape matching algorythm at Data Science Summer School.

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