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namR at Impact AI

On July 8th, namR was at Impact AI for their first annual conference. Laurence Lafont – as President of Impact AI, announced that the first white paper of Impact AI : “A collective commitment for a responsible use of artificial intelligence” was published.

Indeed, for their first anniversary, Impact AI association organised the conference – held under the high patronage of the French State Secretariat for Digital : “Why and how can we act together for a responsible use of AI?”. Impact AI has presented their first results and projects led during this year. This gathering also have as objective to reunite the french digital ecosystem around 4 statement for an ethics AI and to convince it to join the cause, by showing participants how this commitment is important. Impact AI truly believe that this is important that all AI actors commit now, think and act together, in order to secure the future of IA.

The 4 commitments of Impact AI members:

  • Ensure the conditions for a better way to share personal data. 
  • Build conditions for trust.
  • Encourage inclusive artificial intelligence.
  • Prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s professions. 

This year again, namR discovered some great projects at Impact AI:

A mapping of AI training: under the form of a search engine enabling everyone to learn about artificial intelligence, Impact AI has gathered on its website all the different training on/about AI available – in France and abroad. Impact is willing to give visibility to those training and make them accessible for all, convince on the need to train today for the future job of tomorrow.

Accompaniment 3 socials projects with a high positive impact: ​LearnEnjoy, Pixis and RogerVoice are 3 startups. Impact AI offered support with human and technical resources to these social entrepreneurs. The aim was to help them to use AI in order to increase and multiply their positive impact.

A free toolkit for a responsible AI: ​Impact AI published an extensive mapping of resources for the implementation of a responsible AI in all technical solution. This open toolkit is made to evolve in time as more as new know-how is shared.

About the conference:

It was Damien Gromier, CEO Startup Inside and founder AI for Good, the master of ceremonies for this first annual conference. Conference which gathered more than 300 participants from all sectors. Keynote and high qualified panels followed one another about ethics, education, training and AI for Good.

Moreover, it was Emmanuel Bacry, Head of research in CNRS, Chief Scientist Officer Health Data Hub and co-founder of ​namR​ who opened this great reunion. If he mostly spoke about data platforms and their role in AI For Good – in particular in health sectors; he also express himself about the importance to multiply data sources. Indeed, quantity is not enough to provide unbiased datas, quality matters to guaranty that.

About Impact AI :​ Created in 2018, Impact AI is a think and do tank whose ambitions are to shed light on the ethical and societal issues of artificial intelligence and to support innovative and positive projects for a better tomorrow.