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namR is grateful for being the subject of a case study for the prestigious institution INSEAD. It deals with the challenges of a company that has chosen data production in order to act in sustainable development.

INSEAD, a world leading institution in strategy and economics

INSEAD is a private management school with three sites in Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.
INSEAD offers a full-time Master of business administration program, an Executive MBA (EMBA) program, a Master in Finance program, a PhD in management program, a Master in Management program and a variety of executive education programs.
The institute offers case studies for courses on sustainable economic development, strategy and entrepreneurship. In that context, namR was identified as a relevant case study. Grégory Labrousse, namR’s co-founder and Executive Chairman, and Louis Petros, Head of Business Development, began working with INSEAD researchers to present the company, its strategic positioning and its ambition in terms of data.
Two objectives were identified to frame the case. First step aims to understand namR’s value creation system and to understand the sources of its competitive advantages.
As a reminder, namR is a producer of contextual data using accessible data (open data, satellite images, aerial images, cadastral maps, etc.), and geolocated data to build a digital representation of the physical world (called a digital twin). namR‘s technology and use cases were engineered to help organizations and companies to optimize their operational capacities, in a world where the challenges associated with a more sustainable and green economic development are increasingly key. With this goal in sight, namR has set up a strategic committee, chaired by Bettina Laville, which supports its development by identifying areas of growth where the company can maximize its positive impact.
Second, the study looked at the link between a business model focused on sustainability friendly economic development and capturing value for the firm.

namR and INSEAD

Several reasons aimed INSEAD choosing namR for a case study. Indeed, two years after namR creation in 2017, a gigantic database had already been built. It consisted (and still does) of open and accessible data (demographic data, geolocation data, climatic data, aerial images, etc.) linked to buildings, which, thanks to the techniques developed, ultimately provide detailed data for 44 million buildings in France.
These geolocated data allows potential energy transformation possible to be identified (solar panel installation, insulation work, green-retrofitting operations etc.).
We would like to thank the authors, Dawn Jarish and James Costantini with whom Louis Petros at namR worked to make understandable the ecosystem of our startup, which wishes to establish itself as the leading “data provider” in Europe. Chloé Clair, the new CEO of namR, will carry high namR’s ambitions that INSEAD has carefully studied.
Find the case study here!