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On the past 16th of may, at the eve of the great gathering  Viva Tech, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, received at the Élysée, the leaders of the major companies, start-ups, associations and actors of the world digital ecosystem during the “Tech For Good” summit.
Gregory Labrousse, founder and president of namR was invited for the occasion among the great names of french tech. If the previous edition of “Tech For Good” had succeeded in putting in the spotlight the american giants of Silicon Valley, notably Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Virginia Rometty of IBM or Dara Khosrowshahi of Uber, it also has made the press skeptical on the “for good” aspect of invited multinationals.
This year, all the eyes were focused on the french and european actors of digital innovation.
At this time, when close to 80% of the work market is digitalized, the sector represents a huge market in the world and in the french territory where the government announced that the entire public services would be dematerialised by 2022, “Tech For Good” is a genuine symbol of our society.
Describing the tech companies that can contribute to the development of the social and environmental impact of innovation, this phrase was brought out by the young generation, eager to achieve the common wealth, social issues and ecology.

Tech For Good : the commitment of the new generation

With this trend that goes broadly beyond the frontiers of the digital, the new generation that walks more and more towards an utilisation of technology and innovation at the service of common wealth compels the companies to respond to their expectations.
This generation is the one to whom was addressed the Rio statement “Our common future” in 1992, the one born at the same time with climate warming, the one witnessing when growing up the deterioration of his environment, the negative impact of man on his ecosystem.
This generation is indeed inclined to commitment than the elders in sustainable activities oriented towards social ethics, lean behaviour and grows towards social networks, instant transfers and artificial intelligence.

namR is part of the ecological changeover

Gregory Labrousse was at the Élysée beside Emmanuel Macron to represent our start-up.
There he explained the activity of namR: the design of intelligent and shareable datas for the sake of human being. The summit “Tech for good” has also been the opportunity to introduce the program tRees: a program that is involved in the refurbishment of schools building using the open data.
tRees is a data platform that allows to obtain operational information by using a mapping of the whole building schools of the Hauts-de-France: information of use (number of students, canteen menus…), building information (roof inclination, soil moisture levels…) and a work catalogue allowing a clear global vision of solutions to implement.
“Tech for good” allows us to share with other companies willing to work with ecological transition goals. We found them and we continued our interesting discussions on the digital of tomorrow at the Viva Technology Salon at Parc des exposition de Versailles in our stall, among the others 1300 start-ups.
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