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Our Data Strategist team was at GeoData Days 2019 on the behalf of namR

namR was present at the GeoData Days 2019 from july 2nd to july 3rd! Our Data Strategist, Nicolas Berthelot, Alexis Camberlyn and Charles Hutin-Persillon were able to participate to the 2nd edition of the national and independent standard event of the digital geopraphy in France.
During two days a group of french specialists of geomatics and geographic intelligence from territorial authorities, national agency or from the private sector were able to share, at Arras on the future ahead concerning geodatas, their producers and the users.

The challenges of geodata in 2019

What are its challenges concerning sovereignty? How do the geodatas can help to revitalize the declining city centers? What’s the legal contribution of these technologies? And what are the constraints and challenges related to them? These are some of the issues handled by the experts in this domain.
2019 is a pivotal year: pivotal year because of the Plan Corps de Rue Simplifié (PCRS), the huge project of the creation of a funds of a joint topographic plan for all the networks operators, which must have come into force on january 1st but was postponed in 2026. It’s also the beginning year in the diversification and the quality upgrading make available by local authorities, illustrated by the delivery by the end of 2019 of the SIG 3D of the Île-de-France region, and of new controversies on the ownership and utilisation of mobile datas between operators users and citizens.

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Sponsorship workshop: how to use machine learning with geographic datas? 

Concerning the debates, namR was not left out and was able to introduce his solution in a workshop on the worth of the geographic Open data for the benefit of the earth observation.
As a sponsor of this event, our CDO Nicolas, was able during the second day of meetings, to animate a workshop on the combination of machine learning and geographic datas. A great occasion to share experiences with the key actors in the sector and to put forward the expertise and technic of namR.
In this way we were satisfied to be able to talk with AFIGEO that organises the event, but also with all the CRIGE, whose work provides a crucial and priceless input in the ecosystem of geographic data and whose transformations are going on.
Marc Léobet of the Ministry of ecological and solidary Transition was also, to our pleasure, part of the discussion whereby we display our distinctive valorisation element of Artificial Intelligence at the service of geolocalised datas.
Two days of interesting conferences and nice professional encounters that make us impatient to meet again with the geomatic community, its sense of sharing and its buffets as soon as possible.