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Attributes classified by theme

Attributes classified by theme

Attribute FAQ

What is an attribute?

Attributes help us to describe the physical world through data.

Where does the data for our attributes come from?

namR creates, transforms and enhances daily raw data taken from open data to develop its attributes. The company uses the term “attributes” to describe the high-value-added, new and original data that it generates.

To each of its address and building reference systems, namR adds on its attributes, i.e. structured, searchable, filterable information on buildings and regions. All of our attributes follow a highly structured production path, from data sourcing through to cleansing, the joining process and finally the inference of attribute values over the entire region.

What are the attributes used for?

Multiple attributes joined to a single address interact with each other to provide a huge wealth of information.

For instance, cross-referencing a city’s heating networks with its buildings’ addresses can be used to determine heating methods. Building orientation can be combined with roof shape to determine maximum sunlight exposure. In turn, maximum sunlight exposure can be combined with roof surface area to determine how much energy can be saved by installing solar panels.

What is the purpose of the confidence index applied to your data?

A data qualification system scores each piece of data according to a confidence index, which reflects data quality and accuracy.

Every attribute is documented with total traceability of the sources, processing and algorithms used.

The confidence index (between 1 and 5) is derived from source data quality, type of producer, accuracy of predictions, processing and all the necessary data joining operations.

80% of our attributes have an index of over 3.

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