nam.R is a data & deep-tech company, specialized in geolocated intelligence, building a digital representation of the physical world. nam.R aims at providing easy-to-use and actionable data to public and private organisations to massify and optimise their actions, investments and projects.

To be actionable, nam.R’s original data are structured around a unique database, the Digital Twin, built with an unparalleled understanding of how geolocated data works and how it is best combined. It guarantees nam.R’s data are homogeneous, geolocaled and easily integrable in any systems.

Discover how we build our value-added data.

data intelligence

Whether they come from open data portals, whether they are satellite or aerial images, texts, structured or unstructured data, gathering all the non-personal data out there is very complicated.

At nam.R, we built a unique process to gather all those available data. They are harvested, cleansed, qualified and gathered in our Data Library, our proprietary tool we use to optimally search for available data.

data production

To provide a fully actionable digital representation of the world, our data science teams use state-of-the-art technologies across all the major fields of artificial intelligence and data science: machine learning, NLP, computer vision, data engineering…

Harvested data are completed, enriched, geolocated and integrated in one unique data repository, called the Digital Twin.

data delivery

Our value-added data are easy-to-use and directly integrable in specific systems: straight into a specific system via API or delivered through dedicated data portals.

Geolocated, enriched, delivered and original, nam.R’s data are operational by design.

They enable a better targeting and optimized decision-making processes, in utilities, insurance, finance, renewables, retail…

They trust us and create value with our data

A one-of-a-kind program building relevant data
and models to identify, at building scale, potential retrofitting operations in educational buildings.