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CogX ūüé¶

Du 8 June au 10 June

King's cross Royaume-Uni

CogX ūüé¶

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We are excited to announce that nam.R will attend COGX this year, The Festival of AI and Emerging Technology. The event will this year be held by videoconference.

From Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th June 2020, the event will bring together leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists to discuss the question: “How do we make the next ten years good?¬†

Our team will be pleased to e-meeting you there!

A broad topic! On the agenda 16 tracks of content will be covered through virtual meetings: in small groups, invitational events, round tables, partner workshops or the “vExpo” & the village of start-ups.

Last but not least : Ga√ęl Grasset (CTO, nam.R) and Louis Petros (Head of Strategic Projects, nam.R) will give a talk on Wednesday 10th (2pm UK time/3pm FR time). They will¬†introduce our platform tRees,¬†a one-of-a-kind program building relevant data and models to identify at building scale, potential retrofitting operations in educational buildings with a precision level unique in France.

More information on our webinar here.

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