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nam.R at TEDxUTCompiègne

07/12/2019 15:00 pm - 19:00 pm

Rue Personne de Roberval
Compiègne, 62000

nam.R at TEDxUTCompiègne

On December 7th, the Technological University of Compiègne (Picardie) will welcome the conference TEDxUTCompiègne. 

« Visions for the future »  will be theme of the day and speakers will talk about two of the biggest subjects of our century : substainable development and innovation.

Amoung speakers from very differents fields whom will share their approach of this theme, you’ll be able to learn about “How IA must save the planet”, during the talk of  our CTO, Gaël Grasset.

Gaël will analyse the anxiety about IA and tech in general, in people mind (facial recognition, tracking on social medias, manipulation of the votes during elections…) and will talk about the positive way they are used for a better future :  IA saves lifes in medicine, allow to fight deforestation thanks to geolocalisation and optimises ecological transition.



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