nam.R has developed a unique technology based on artificial intelligence in order to build France’s first digital twin.

data science

nam.R is composed of 20 data scientists working everyday on :

  • Developing innovative, custom-made and ready to use solutions for sustainable development challenges
  • Building the digital twin, ensuring exhaustiveness and employability of our data

Thanks to our computer vision, NLP, geomatics and data engineering expertise, and thanks to unique partnerships nam.R developed.

picto datalibrary

data library

Universal & unique library of avaible data in Europe.

Top-notch indexing & search.

The best data to feed the best algorithms.

picto computer vision

computer vision

Top-notch algorithms & deep learning.

From satellite to aerial to drone imagery & street imagery.

More than 20 insights on roofs derived from pictures.

picto NLP


We use state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing algorithms.

From press data to raw web text data.

Automatic geolocalisation & thematic extraction.

picto geomatics


We use geographic data processing libraries.

Optimized processing of Big Geodata.

Unique toolbox for Geoprocessing.

3D map

Seeing is understanding. To see our digital twin we have developed a 3D map modelling France’s buildings, houses, roads, parcels, trees… Being interactive and clickable it enables to highlight unique information we have built on territory’s elements