AI to decide on the future of housing

With namR's AI, harness the potential for ecological transformation and understand the vulnerability of 100% of housing (France & Europe) to accelerate your actions and those of your clients.

Energy retrofitting

Prioritise the homes to renovate and engage more quickly in action !

Solar energy

Accelerate the development of solar energy !

Climate adaptation

Gain proactivity in climate risk prevention !

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Decarbonise your portfolio faster

namR's data and energy simulator have already enabled more than 6 banking and public sector players to obtain measurable results (exhaustive knowledge of their portfolio, more customer appointments,...).

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Decarbonise your portfolio faster

namR data and simulators take your solarisation analyses one step further, taking into account all the characteristics of a roof and its direct environment.

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De-risk your portfolio faster

Accelerate your prevention work with our data, which shows the vulnerability of 100% of homes to climatic risks.

*Heat waves and urban heat islands - RCP 8.5 scenario, the most pessimistic; "Adaptation du bâtiment dans Transition(s) 2050" - ADEME

Accelerate your actions and those of your clients.

Several banks and insurers are already using namR's data and simulators to accelerate the transformation and impact of their offerings.


Why use NamR?

NamR already knows everything about housing

namR has created an unprecedented energy and climate database that is geolocated and available for 100% of residential buildings.

Expertise in sustainable housing transformation

Thanks to our internal experts and our network of partners, we have developed in-depth and comprehensive expertise in the ecological transformation of housing.

Expertise in image analysis

We leverage the best of big data (open data or partner data) to describe millions of buildings, their morphology, their environment, and their context.

Expertise in machine learning

We develop algorithms to define the best mitigation or adaptation solution, tailored for each individual home.

Banks & Insurance Companies

Master your trajectories, engage your clients.

namR's AI solutions enable you to control all your actions both upstream and downstream of your value chain.

  • Reporting ESG
  • Pricing definition
  • Marketing targeting
  • Portfolio characterization
  • Sales assistance
  • Client proximity
  • Accelerated awareness
  • Risk scoring
L'IA pour décider de l'avenir de l'habitat

Discover the full power of our AI.

namR simulators have already been adopted by all the leading banks and used by over 100,000 users.