Risk simulator simplified by AI

Fewer questions, more prevention

namR has created a unique customer experience that makes it easier for customers and your advisers to adopt your prevention and support offers for the climatic risks that affect housing (clay shrinkage and swelling, flooding, heatwave,...).

A 5-click journey

An innovative experience that is incredibly simple


Postal address

Postal address



Confirmation of the main characteristics of the housing and its environment already pre-filled



Sharing the vulnerability diagnosis (weak and strong points)



Selection among priority and secondary solutions and budget



Project sheet with detailed action plan and connection to Customer Service

How does it work?

An AI-augmented simulator


From an address, automatic selection of the habitat on a satellite view through our geocoder.

simulateur risques climatiques 1

360 solutions sheet

Generation of adaptive solutions by priority level and associated budget


Sharing a simplified diagnosis taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the housing



A customer experience optimised by AI

Because namR is already familiar with all the characteristics of the home, and therefore its vulnerability, and has simulated all the possible cases of home adaptation, its simulator is easy for individuals and the advisers who support them to adopt.

Pre-filled responses

namR relieves the user of technical questions (structure of the house, direct environment of the dwelling, calculation of the slope of the land,...).

Reliable responses

The namR calculation engine, designed by experts, is based on aerial images, external market reference data and the support of recognised partners to offer a neutral and reliable result.

Educational responses

"We simplify the technical dimension of energy renovation through our illustrations that evolve with the user's choices."

Full responses

namR provides the key information that individuals and advisers are looking for: a simplified diagnosis of vulnerability, adaptation solutions (prioritised), budget for works,....

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homes with a vulnerability score available

0 minutes

To obtain a comprehensive result

0 Characteristics

of the housing considered in our exposure/vulnerability potential calculations

0 Scenarios

Current and future climate data projected according to IPCC scenarios

Flexible integration options

Choose how our simulator can integrate with your customer journeys:

White label

  • Access from your website
  • Development of a personalized redirection page


  • Creating your own front-end integrated with our API components
  • 24/7 live call available
Why use namR ?

Treat yourself to the best AI expertise in climate adaptation for housing

namR's design and tech development choices guarantee the reliability, speed and accuracy of our work recommendations at every address.

  • Support from key players and reference methods in the field (BRGM, I4CE, IGN)
  • Utilisation of open data coupled with our digital twin
  • Intersection of AI technologies and expert methods in building resilience
simulateur risques climatiques - IA

Our simulator dedicated to the phenomenon of Clay Shrinkage and Swelling is already available!

simulateur risques climatiques - Ecoclik RGA

As part of accelerating the need for prevention and support from banks & insurance companies on the RGA risk, namR is the first on the market to have developed a simulator dedicated to this phenomenon.


Accelerating the action of banks, insurance companies, as well as individuals on prevention

0 millions

homes threatened by this risk


A tool that is already attracting interest from a number of insurers and bancassurers

M- 0

Simulator to be launched in September 2024

Discover the power of our energy simulator enhanced by AI!

It starts right now!


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