The solar database augmented by AI

Geolocated data for realistic analyses

namR has created the geolocated energy database at the address level and exhaustive to define decarbonization trajectories & offer strategies based on the reality of the solarization potential of your portfolio or territory.

Why is it innovative?

Territorial intelligence optimized by AI

The combination of namR's expertise in AI & Big Data with aerial imagery & climate data has enabled us to develop the most advanced solar database for housing on the market. It is comprehensive, covering 100% of residential buildings, and exhaustive, providing all key data points.

Geocalized data

All namR data is available at postal address level, thanks to our geocoder, and can be associated with any administrative or geographical level.

Reliable data

The namR calculation engine, designed by experts in the solar energy sector, is based on open data and market reference data to provide neutral and reliable results.

Complete data

namR goes further than a simple analysis of the roof, taking into account the objects on the roof and the materials to judge the feasibility of the project, and shares all the possible cases of self-consumption and resale for each dwelling.

Generalized data

namR goes further than open data by offering a database available for 100% of homes thanks to its AI expertise

0 millions

of residential buildings available in our database

+ 0 characteristics

of the dwelling and its direct surroundings taken into account in our calculations

0 %

objects on the roof taken into account (where open data does not)

0 %

freshness of data based on BD ORTHO aerial images

How does it work ?

A user-friendly solar data API


Each line of your building lists to be analyzed is automatically associated with our geocoder.

Données potentiel solaire


Taking into account all regulatory developments in solar and continuous improvement of our AI models

Données potentiel solaire


Access points for our data organized around the major dimensions of a solar panel installation project to address your specific challenges (scoring combined with your data, marketing targeting, etc.)

Why use Namr?

Get the best AI expertise in solar energy

namR's design and technical development choices ensure the reliability, speed, and precision of our recommendations for each address.

  • Support from industry players & reference methods
  • Exploitation of open data coupled with our digital twin
  • Crossing between AI technologies and expert methods in aerial imagery & climate data
Simulateur d'énergie solaire IA

An intelligence
at the service of businesses

The namR tool addresses the issues faced by all businesses involved in achieving decarbonisation trajectories through the solarisation of housing.

Data & Risk

ESG reporting support, definition of decarbonisation scoring


Offer pricing, marketing targeting (local lead)


Analysis of catchment area, market strategy

Case Study
IGN chooses namR's solar data

IGN has launched a project to identify photovoltaic solar energy installations using artificial intelligence across 40 departments in mainland France, utilizing two sets of aerial imagery.

  • Identify solar installations across 40 departments
    Provide specific data on solar installations (geometry, coordinates, identifier, surface area, etc.)
0 departments
to analyze

The information delivered to IGN included attributes derived from our geomatic and computer vision algorithms, providing unprecedented data on solar installations across two different periods for 40 departments in France.

0 %
solar farms detected in the 40 departments

Accelerate your decisions with our solar data

A number of banks are already using our data to get to know their portfolios more quickly, to define trajectories and for reporting purposes.


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