The solar simulator simplified by AI

Fewer questions, more solar panels

namR has created a unique customer experience that makes it easier for customers and your advisers to adopt your photovoltaic solar and thermal support services.


An extremely simple customer experience



Satellite view input and confirmation



Selection of project type (PV or thermal) and confirmation of roof material, living area, and pre-filled electricity bill amount



Sharing of solar potential and possible coverage rate of electricity consumption



Definition of the project according to the budget and financial and technical simulation of the project, possibility of customization of the number of panels



Project sheet with detailed action plan and connection to Customer Service

How does it work ?

An AI-enhanced simulator


From an address, automatic selection of the property on a satellite view through our geocoder

Simulateur d'énergie solaire

360 project sheet

Generation of complete information about the chosen project (roof characteristics, installation constraints, savings, amortization)


Choice of self-consumption and resale ratios

Why is it innovative ?

A customer experience optimised by AI

Because namR already knows all the characteristics of roofs and their environment, and has simulated all the possible cases of self-consumption and resale of electricity, its simulator is easy to adopt by private individuals and sales advisers.

Pre-filled responses

namR relieves the user of technical questions (roofing material, objects on the roof, orientation, roof pitch, etc.)

50% fewer questions than most simulators

Reliable responses

The namR calculation engine, designed by experts, is based on aerial imagery and climatic data to provide a neutral and reliable result, with no bias towards the recommended solution.

Educational responses

namR simplifies the technical dimension of a photovoltaic project with our illustrations, which change as the user chooses

Full responses

namR shares key information for individuals and advisors on energy and budgetary issues: investment amount, savings on electricity bills and electricity resale gain, electricity produced, self-consumed and resold, etc.

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Rooftops in France already covered.

0 minutes

To obtain a complete result

0 %

Of conversion rates in the journey

0 questions

A 50% reduction compared to the market.

They talk about it better than we do

Our end users, our ambassadors

Flexible integration options

Choose how our simulator can integrate with your customer journeys 

white label

  • Access from your website
  • Development of a customised redirect page


  • Creating your own front-end integrated with our API
  • Live call available 24/7
Why use namR

Get the best AI expertise in solar energy

namR's design and tech development choices guarantee the reliability, speed and accuracy of our recommendations at every address.

  • Highlights industry players and reference methods
  • Exploiting knowledge of the home from aerial images using Computer Vision
  • AI technologies and expert building heating methods
  • Integration of reference data validated by the sector (work costs, subsidies, etc.)
Simulateur d'énergie solaire IA
Case study

Société Générale selects namR for its Solar Pack offering

La Société Générale

"As part of its ambition to support the ecological transition of regions and their ecosystems, Société Générale is launching the Solar Pack (a solution designed for the installation of solar panels).

One of Société Générale's ambitious goals is to support the ecological transition of regions and their ecosystems (Corporate, Association, and Local Government clients)."


  • Reducing the carbon footprint of their buildings
  • Securing their energy factors through photovoltaic electricity
  • Compliance with the tertiary decree
- 0 %

Absolute end-use emissions from oil and gas production by 2030


A tool for assessing the feasibility of a solar project has been made available to bank advisers, incorporating namR data.

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namR ranked first lead generation partner for Société Générale with this product

Simulateur de rénovation énergétique - iPhone DPE

Discover the power of our AI-simplified solar simulator


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