The energy database augmented by AI

Geolocated data for realistic analyses

namR has created the exhaustive energy database geolocated at the address level to define decarbonization trajectories & offer strategies based on the reality of the energy renovation potential of your portfolio or territory.

Why is it innovative?

Territorial intelligence optimised by our AI

namR's expertise in AI and Big Data, combined with our business expertise in housing heat engineering and morphology, has enabled us to develop the most advanced housing energy database on the market (complete for 100% of residential buildings and exhaustive for key data).

Geolocalised data

All namR energy data is available at postal address level thanks to our geocoder.

Reliable data

The namR calculation engine, designed by experts in energy renovation, is based on open data and benchmark market data to provide neutral, reliable results.

Educational data

namR has gone further than the DPE and now offers a financial estimate in line with the reality of the market (cost of work, national and local grants and energy savings) and a personalised estimate (budget or list of work).

Complete data

Open data is rarely available at housing level. namR offers a database available for 100% of housing.

0 million

residential buildings available in our database

0 %

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) responses and renovation scenarios (where open data covers 20%)

+ 0 characteristics

of dwellings taken into account for our work calculations

0 80%

DPE estimates by namR accurate to within one label

How does it work?

A user-friendly energy data API


Each line of your building lists to be analyzed is automatically associated with our geocoder.

données renovation énergétiques


Taking into account all regulatory developments in energy renovation and continuous improvement of our AI models

données renovation énergétiques


Our data access points are organized around the key dimensions of an energy renovation project in response to your specific challenges (cross-scoring with your data, marketing targeting, etc.)

Why use namR ?

Offer yourself the best AI expertise in energy renovation

The design and tech development choices made by  namR guarantee the reliability, speed and accuracy of our work recommendations for each address.

  • Highlights the actors & reference methods of the industry
  • Exploitation of open data coupled with our digital twin
  • AI technologies and expert methods in building thermics
  • Integration of validated reference data from the industry (work costs, grants...)
données renovation énergétiques
Case study

La Banque Postale chooses namR's DPE data for its ESG Pillar 3 reporting

La Banque Postale

As part of the new ESG Pillar 3 reporting, banks must publish an inventory of EPC ratings for loans secured by residential real estate properties


Report a residential property portfolio 100% associated with an DPE rating

0 %*

Weight of credits without EPC


The data was delivered in 15 days, from scoping to the final processing of the data


postal addresses delivered with an DPE label

Accelerate your decisions with our energy data

A number of banks are already using our data to get to know their portfolios more quickly, to define trajectories and for reporting purposes.


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