The energy simulator simplified by AI

Less questions, more energy renovations

namR has created a unique customer experience that makes it easier for customers and your advisers to adopt your energy renovation support services.

A journey in 6 steps

An innovative experience that is incredibly simple


Postal address

Entry and confirmation of satellite view


Real estate

Validation of the main characteristics of the housing



DPE before work


Information about grants

Entering RFR, status, number of children



Select renovation scenarios, investigation / scenario (cost, ROI, work steps, grants)



Complete project sheet detailing the action plan to successfully carry out the project

How does it work ?

A simulator enhanced by AI


From an address, automatic selection of the residence on a satellite view through our geocoder

Simulateur de rénovation énergétique 2

360 Vision

Generation of complete information about the chosen project (budget, list of works, national and local aids + PDF export)


Optimised renovation project proposals ("smart" or "comprehensive" renovation) or definition by the user of a maximum or fully customized scenario of works.

Reliable results are paramount

An AI-optimised customer experience.

Because namR already knows all the characteristics of the home, and has simulated all possible renovation cases, its simulator is easy to adopt by private individuals and sales advisers.

Pre-filled responses

namR relieves the user of technical questions (period of construction, type of heating, floor area, etc.)

50% fewer questions than most simulators

Reliable responses

The namR calculation engine, designed by experts, is based on open data and external market reference data to offer a neutral and reliable result.

Educational responses

namR simplifies the technical side of energy renovation, with illustrations that change as the user chooses

Full responses

The namR simulator provides the only information that individuals and advisers expect: EPD after works, list of works, amount of national and local grants, value of the property after works, reduction in electricity bills,...

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Opendata covers 20%

0 minutes

To obtain a complete result

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Conversion rate of the journey

0 questions

50% reduction compared to the market

They talk about it better than we do.

The end users, our ambassadors

Flexible integration options.

Choose how our simulator can integrate with your customer journeys

White label

  • Access from your website.
  • Development of a customized redirect page.


  • Creation of your own front-end integrated with our API components.
  • Live call available 24/7.

Get the best AI expertise in energy renovation

namR's design and tech development choices mean we can guarantee reliability, speed and precision in our work recommendations for every address.

  • Support from key industry players and reference methods.
  • Utilisation of open data coupled with our digital twin.
  • AI technologies and expert methods in building thermal management.
  • Integration of reference data validated by the industry (work costs, subsidies, etc.).
Simulateur de rénovation énergétique - IA
Cas study

La Banque Postale chooses the namR simulator for its Impact mortgage loan

La Banque Postale

As part of its quest for social and CSR innovation, in June 2023 La Banque Postale will launch Impact mortgages (scoring of positive impacts, simulation of energy savings and energy renovation scenarios).


Accelerating the decarbonisation of its residential property portfolio (flows)

- 0 %*

Emissions kgCO2e/m2 financed by 2030


A tool for private individuals to find out more about impact mortgages and advisers to provide relevant advice on energy renovation.

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of conversion

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