What are the business opportunities between data and energy efficiency? 1/2

What are consumers waiting for to start reducing their energy bill?  

Maroš Šefčovič, vice-president of the Commission at the head of the energy Union in February 2017 declared that “the heating and cooling represent 40% of the consumption of energy in Europe. And two thirds of the European housing stock were built before the adoption of energy standards which are today in full force and effect. “The context is therefore in general very supportive to the sector.

Users involved in energy efficiency

What are the energy efficiency services that work best for consumers? Among the projects put forward by public authorities, the common point is that they offer a voluntary contribution to an active approach to the reduction of the energy consumption. This contribution takes many forms: sharing data, the choice to conceal (stop its devices for a given time without reducing the thermal comfort of the building) and the participation in physical networks of proximity in the territories.

#CounterConnect 2016
In may 2016, the Ministry of development and Etalab organized the hackathon #CounterConnect . Participants had 48 hours to develop projects with the aim to:
-empower users to analyze its data of energy consumption to better control;
-to provide the data that may be useful in the development of public policy, including local authorities (documents of planning, energy and social policies).

Among the distinguished projects we can include:

Eclipse: a mobile solution that encourages users of the electricity network to conceal during rush hours and rewards their efforts by an electronic chip.

Network: a platform that allows small producers and renewable energy consumers to build relationships at the local level. It allows everyone to know whence his energy comes from and even choose who produces it, among the producers who are also registered on the platform.

HomePulse: an energy dashboard developed from speedometers to predict the buildings energy bills, to target shares of thermal renovation and qualify the potential to conceal the spikes.

JeComprendsMonEnergie.fr: this collaborative platform offers users to share their energy and the characteristics of their housing, by territory. The goal is to improve the understanding of their energy consumption compared with their neighbors and with similar housing.

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