We use
original data
to create value.

We use
original data
to create value.

The data we produce is actionable — we make it easy for companies to use massive amounts of external data in their day-to-day operations.

The data we produce is actionable — we make it easy for companies to use massive amounts of external data in their day-to-day operations.

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Produce unique data

nam.R uses its own AI tools and freely available image, textual and structured data to create unique data libraries.


Integrate heterogeneous datasets

Our relationship detection engine and the datasets we generate yield pertinent, domain-specific insights with the level of locational granularity that suits our customers’ needs.


Identify opportunities

The innovative, actionable, proprietary data we provide enables public and private stakeholders to identify opportunities, reduce operating costs and create new services based on truly unique data insights.


Deliver actionable data

Our data are actionable and ready to use. They can be delivered directly to tailor-made platforms or customized APIs, or via other specialized options according to the needs of our clients.

data intelligence

nam.R is part of a major, global revolution: using data as the raw material to fuel radical new forms of value creation.

We build digital platforms with the help of our technical and scientific partners that support public and private initiatives for sustainable development in the energy, retail, construction, insurance and manufacturing sectors.

within the open data movement

New challenges and exceptional opportunities are emerging every day

our mission is to provide unique insights

Producing original, actionable data is our way of contributing to the wealth of opportunities afforded by open data access

by developing artificial intelligence for good

Creating unique datasets requires an ongoing commitment to AI development

and building robust, solid digital infrastructures

Our aim is to build unique data infrastructures for our clients

original data producer

We gather publicly available, non-personal data and use our AI tools to build your unique data library.

original data producer
nam.R uses its own AI tools and freely available image, textual and structured data to create unique datasets for example, nam.R’s French roof attribute database contains data related to roof section geometry, pitch and materials.

Through our relationship detection engine and unique dataset creation, we produce pertinent, domain-specific insights. for example, by combining real estate, cadastral, building permit and social housing data associated with a specific geolocated area.

NamR making data actionable

making data actionable

Our datasets are actionable within our partners' and clients' business constraints and scopes of activity. our unique insights, whether integrated into an internal information system or made accessible via a dedicated online platform, become a powerful tool for decision making or structuring new opportunities.

simplified access to and use of external data
Our goal is to simplify business organizations' access to and massive use of external data to bolster their day-to-day operations: identifying opportunities, reducing operational costs and creating new services based on unique data insights.

customized delivery
We grant data access via custom APIs or specially-designed platforms that enable our clients and partners to use databases and our AI tools themselves.

NamR making data actionable

What's next ?

What's next ?

board & team

  • Grégory Labrousse


  • Emmanuel Bacry

    Co-Founder & Board member

  • Pierre Lescure

    Co-Founder & Board Member

  • Lila Tretikov

    Co-Founder & Board Member

  • Éric Euvrad

    Board member

  • Pierre-Alain de Mallerey

    Board member

  • Sebastián Sachetti


  • Louis Petros

    deputy COO

  • Gaël Grasset


  • Nicolas Berthelot


  • Alexandre Bacchus

    Head of Data Science

  • Duccio Piovani

    Head of Research

  • Alaeddine Z.

    Data Scientist intern

  • Alexander U.

    Computer Vision Scientist

  • Antoine G.

    Developer intern

  • Bastien H.

    Computer Vision Scientist

  • Bettina S.

    Computer Vision intern

  • Clément B.

    Data Scientist

  • Clément D.

    Python Developer

  • Charles H.

    Data Strategist

  • Daniel de B. S.

    Data Scientist

  • Dina K.

    Data Engineer

  • Eloi C.

    Developer intern

  • Ewenn B.

    Data Engineer intern

  • Florentin F.

    HR Administrator

  • Francis V.

    Web Integrator & Developer

  • François A.

    Data Scientist

  • Frédéric M.

    Office Manager

  • Frédéric K. M.

    Data Strategist

  • Guillaume D.

    Computer Vision intern

  • Hassen EG.

    System Administrator

  • Hermès M.

    Data Scientist - NLP

  • Hugo L.

    Data Scientist intern

  • Jean C.

    Backend Developer

  • Jieren Y.

    Fullstack Developer

  • Jules R.

    Art Director

  • Léonard P.

    Business developer junior

  • Pierre S.

    Front-end Developer

  • Rémy B.

    Developer intern

  • Tamara F.

    Marketing & Event Coordinator

  • Servane K.

    HR Business Partner

  • Valentine L.

    Data Engineer

  • Vincent de C.

    Data Quality Analyst

our partners

We call upon a number of private and public entities, including research laboratories and business experts, to help us develop our artificial intelligence tools and define business rules for a variety of sectors.

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