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La Banque Postale supports energy-efficient home renovations and offers its customers the Ecoclik Renov simulator to estimate the budget for the project.

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Suravenir Assurances launches a new home insurance formula based on the circular economy and relies on the Smart Home Pricing solution to provide tailored climate risk prevention advice.

Discover the client case

La Rochelle agglomeration provides its residents with the Ecoclik Solar simulator (solar register) to assist them in their photovoltaic panel installation projects.

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The Banque des Territoires deploys a tool (PrioRéno) that allows local authorities to identify priority energy renovation projects within their public building portfolios.

Discover the client case

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Energy-efficient renovation

Public or predicted EPD (energy & GHG label)
Loss / item
Energy renovation project (budget, work, costs)


Climate risks

Risk level scoring (flooding, storm, heatwave, drought, Clay Shrinkage and Swelling)
Exposure to UHI* (Urban Heat Islands)

*across 42 French cities



Thermal & photovoltaic solar potential
Roof characterization (surface, typology, wear and tear, etc.) & immediate environment
Tailored self-consumption / resale project

We accompany all stakeholders

who real estate assets
banque fonds investissement

banks, insurance companies

collectivités ingénieries territoriales

local authorities, territorial engineering

programmateurs immobiliers

real estate players

entreprises de la rénovation énergétique

energy renovation companies

service au bâtiment

building services (water, security, etc.)

Our collaborations in the service of R&D


Member of 
French Tech Green20


The French Tech Green20 program aims to cultivate new technological champions of the ecological transition.

Member of
French Tech Green20


The French Tech Green20 program aims to cultivate new technological champions of the ecological transition.

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Particularly interested in the comprehensiveness of namR’s data across the entire French territory, we are convinced that the combination of a large group like ours and a recognized player in French Tech will further enhance our ability to support our clients in their CSR challenges.

Karim Perdreau

Directeur Data Société Générale Banque de Détail

Thanks to an API (Application Programming Interface) developed with Addactis France and the startup NamR, Suravenir Assurances gathers a set of key information to facilitate the customer journey. Throughout the life of the contract, this system will also allow for the personalization of preventive messages sent to customers and will precisely inform them about the possibilities for adapting their homes.

namR assists us with all the simulation of the work to be done, and therefore with the financing of the work and the amount to be set up in terms of work.

Marion Rouso

Directrice Banque Postale

The Banque des Territoires is delighted to work with the technology company namR as part of the EduRénov program. The objective of the mission aligns well with the new, public and private momentum that we intend to give with this program, combining public interest, added value for our local partners, and the pinnacle of technological innovation.

Nicolas Turcat

Directeur du programme Banque des territoires

Thelem has just launched the Insurance Smart Home Pricing offer, designed by Addactis and namR, for housing, which allows us to make the most of external data, whether structured or not (aerial images). This product will be able to improve our pricing and help us better understand our customers from a prevention perspective. The goal: to stay one step ahead in a world that is evolving ever more quickly.

Daniel Antoni

Directeur Général Thelem Assurance

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