Monthly Archives: May 2019

big data and health: mega data for personalized medicine

Big Data and Health, a growing partnership However, key figures in that sector show that it is in full expansion: since 2010, 200 companies specializing in big data and health have been created, in the European Union, 5,5 billion Euros […]

the internet of objects and big data, a winning pair

It’s the extension of the network to objects via sensors. Transport, home automation, health or even insurance, many sectors have strong growth potential thanks to this technological innovation. In 2010, the number of mobile devices was estimated at 5 billion […]

the big data market: a real business opportunity?

Where do these data come from? Internet penetration is now estimated at 80% in developed countries. Champion of emerging countries, China equips at high V speed: In 2012, 42.4% of households had access to the web, they are 52.1% in […]

2nd in-house seminaR

Collective reflections for the preparation of the seminaR As a startup, we have specific values that are not only at the heart of our project but also in our way of running it.  The organisation of our 2nd in-house seminar was the […]

Cedric Villani visiting nam.R at Web Summit

When writing his report AI for Humanity, giving meaning to artificial intelligence, Cédric Villani had auditioned nam.R and received a contribution that was included in the fourth part: “Artificial intelligence in the service of ecological transition”. In particular, Cédric Villani […]

merging geo-spatial data on twin polygons

To build a rich description of the object the real challenge is to join these pieces together. But in absence of a clear and coherent name or index, this process can become quite difficult and noisy. For example when trying […]