Want to engage people in the ecological transition of their real estate projects?


The BtoC simulator that, provides the cost and impact of an ecological housing renovation project in just a few clicks

A unique simulation 


Easy-to-understand scenarios
for energy renovation
or solarization


A budget calculation for the project that includes national grants, financial valuation*,
and potential electricity bill savings


All information pre-filled
in just a few clicks

* estimate based on the green value from the Notaries of France.

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An innovative customer experience that is already appreciated.

A solution tailored  to your needs


White-label, modular solution (choice of steps), integrated with your services


Improving the qualification of the people interested in your service

CSR Commitment

Accelerating your decarbonization and climate change adaptation strategy

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To encourage an individual to begin the energy renovation of a home

A comprehensive energy assessment: Public or predicted EPD (Energy Performance Diagnostic), rental rights status*, thermal loss / item

A unique project view: choice of renovation scenario, work budget including national grants**, list of work, property valuation, electricity bill savings

A controlled action step: PDF export and redirection to your service

*Climate and Resilience Law / ** MaPrimeRenov, Energy Transition Assistance, Energy Efficiency Certificates (CEE)

To encourage people to install PV / thermal solar panels on the roof of their home

A comprehensive solar assessment: solar potential level*, coverage share of electricity / hot water consumption, points of concern about the immediate environment**

A unique project view : project selection based on budget, profitability, electricity bill savings

A controlled action step : PDF export and redirection to your service

*taking into account all the roof characteristics / ** Historical area, distance to HT/BT transformer

« This tool is positioned as the very first step in the energy renovation process for the home, even before conducting an energy audit or obtaining contractor quotes. I see it as a straightforward and educational way to make homeowners aware of the benefits of undertaking these projects and the assistance they will be entitled to, thus allowing them to start envisioning the process.»

Matthias Sicard


« I appreciated using these solutions because I realized that I could perform a diagnostic in just a few minutes to identify ways to improve the energy performance of my property and save on energy costs. »


« There are some grants I didn’t know about; it seems comprehensive and up-to-date. The same goes for local grants; we are not familiar with them. »


« It’s super fast to get the diagnosis, actually ! »


« No need to call the seller to get all the information (…) or if the EPC doesn’t match with the score we have, that’s interesting too, I’ll talk to the agency about it. »


The intersection of data and business expertise in the service of action !

All our calculations are carried out based on rare and unprecedented expertise

Data science

Unprecedented data leveraging the use of national open data and based on over 4 years of R&D combining the best machine learning and deeptech technologies: geomatics, computer vision, natural language processing…

Building & Energy Engineering

Ecological housing transformation scenarios carried out with the best experts in building characterization, energy renovation, and photovoltaic / solar thermal projects

Our client cases

La Banque Postale finances the energy renovation of homes and offers its clients the Ecoclik Renov simulator to determine the project budget. 

Discover the customer case

The La Rochelle metropolitan area provides its residents with the Ecoclik Solar simulator (solar cadastre) to help
them envision a project for installing photovoltaic
panels on their roof. 

Discover the customer case

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