Would you like to enrich your analyses, optimize your models, and complement your simulations with unprecedented data on buildings ?



Everything you need to know about the 34 million residential and tertiary buildings in France

Thanks to our unique data, innovate in your real estate project management !

Energy Retrofitting

Public or predicted EPC (energy & GHG label)

Thermal loss / source Energy renovation project

(budget, work, costs)




Risk level scoring (flooding, storm, heatwave, drought, RGA)

Exposure to UHI* (Urban Heat Islands)

*in 42 French cities




Thermal & photovoltaic solar potential

Roof characterization (surface, typology, wear and tear, …) & immediate environment

Tailored self-consumption / resale project

An API solution tailored to your needs

Over 250 attributes available
divided into relevant
business themes

Comprehensive documentation
for quick interfacing
with any tool

Information at the scale
of several entities:
building, plot, roof, municipality..

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Our client cases

The ‘Banque des Territoires’ deploys a tool (PrioRéno) that allows local authorities to identify priority energy renovation projects within their public building portfolios.

Discover the client case

La Banque Postale supports energy renovation of homes and offers its customers the Ecoclik Renov simulator to know the project budget.

Discover the client case

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