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Managing climate risks is a multi-faceted challenge for the insurance industry

between BGS ORSA, hazard modeling, materiality matrix, defining climate KPIs/KRIs, ACPR/EIOPA exercises…

The publication of an annual public report outlining the company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy became mandatory for all insurers in 2022. As part of this requirement, insurers are required to provide various pieces of information regarding governance, strategy, risk management, and the impact of their activities on climate and biodiversity.

The majority of actors have integrated sustainability risks into their risk mapping and address them in their ORSA report.

However, the analysis often remains qualitative and shallow :

  • The concepts of physical and transition risks are included in the mappings, but their impacts and specifics are rarely detailed
  • Entities do not perform specific quantification within the scope of ORSA or BGS and limit themselves to market exercises for assessing the impacts of sustainability risks
  • Some stakeholders believe, as of now, that the impact of these risks is partially considered within the standard formula through market shocks and biometric and behavioral shocks

In the face of new risks associated with climate change, several observations :

  • The adaptation of the risk management framework is still incomplete
  • Data and methodologies are heterogeneous, making the interpretation of results complicated
  • Challenges regarding the interpretability and adoption of certain metrics can prove to be difficult

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