Do you want to optimize your subscription process and your technical management of MRH insurance?

The Smart Data solution that allows for fair pricing and better personalized prevention.

A unique simulation because

A unique dataset

Multiple use cases validated in the market

An ideal solution in the face of climate challenges

A simple API to integrate

Fully GDPR compliant

Are you interested in this solution ?

A 360 response tailored to your needs to your needs

The intersection of data & business expertise at the service of action !

Insurance Smart Home Pricing from dual expertise, as it stems from the expertise of addactis® combined with the high-value data from namR.

Actuarial – Risk Management
Pricing & Analytics by Addactis

For 25 years, Addactis has been committed alongside insurers and reinsurers, deciphering technical, legal, and financial risks, in order to support insurance players in their strategic choices, acting across their entire value chain.

Climatic risks data science
by namR

Unprecedented data based on the use of national open data and built on over 4 years of R&D, combining the best machine learning and deeptech technologies: geomatics, computer vision, natural language processing… This data qualitatively and quantitatively characterizes 34 million buildings and 88 million geolocated French plots.

Our client cases

Suravenir Assurances launches a new “Positive” formula that relies on the Smart Home Pricing solution for effective, targeted, and personalized prevention.

Discover the client case

Thelem Assurances launches the Insurance Smart Home Pricing offer to improve its pricing and customer knowledge with a focus on prevention.

Discover the client case.

Explore our resources to fully understand the impact of climate risks for insurers.

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