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namR technology
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namR’s technology

Following four years of extensive R&D, namR has created a unique, innovative method that draws upon a variety of fields, including geomatics, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and business rules. We serve our customers using a potent mix of numerous deeptech solutions.

step 1: data library

The data used by namR comes from two different data sources:

  • Open data from 900,000 sources (data.gouv, French regional data, urban planning geoportal etc.) This raw non-personal data is lacking, non-interoperable and heterogeneous.
  • Partner data from complementary resources (ADEME, Airbus, IGN, Cerema etc.), for instance satellite and aerial images.

Updates for these data sources are automatically detected and integrated into our tools. Data analytics help enrich the metadata (format, size, geographical area etc.).

All this data is then combined to create the data library.

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step 2: data production

Based on machine learning and deep learning tools, business rules, and geospatial algorithms, namR formats, standardises and cleanses the data to make it usable and actionable. This enables us to create our attributes.

Complementary algorithms then help join attributes with our address and building reference systems.

Geolocated and consolidated over 35 million buildings, our attributes are used for a number of purposes, including ecological transition, insurance and extra-financial risks, business performance, operational and logistical efficiency, etc.

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step 3: data delivery

Thanks to simple interfacing with your tools, namR’s solutions can be implemented very quickly. This seamless integration allows for instant access and a totally clear, user-friendly experience.

namR provides its enriched data in a number of formats: 

  • our own home-grown, proprietary interfaces (territoiresXYZ, buildingXYZ and asknamR)
  • a dedicated plugin to be integrated directly into your tools (Dataiku)
  • an API
  • a file (i.e. xls or csv)
  • a GIS connector (i.e. Qgis or ESRI)
  • a CRM connector (Salesforce)
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geojson ; geolocated data ; spatial ; cloud computing ; scoring ; deep learning ; machine learning ; natural language processing ; ResNet50 ; dataflow ; NLP ; classification ; Mask-R-CNN ; computer vision ; regression ; CSV ; geotiff ; géomatique ; data cleansing ; segmentation ; PostGIS ; SHP word cloud

We work with outstanding academics of science and industry
to produce our cutting-edge technologies.

lmd école polytechnique
centre borelli ecole normale superieure
institut mines télécom
mercator research institute berlin

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